Randy has been dancing, cueing, and teaching rounds for over 40 years. He began dancing with Debbie in 2004. They began teaching together in 2007.

Randy and Debbie are club leaders for NCC #162 and NCC #365 in Portland area. They are also the club instructors for an Oregon Federated Club, ReVuNQ, in Salem. Randy and Debbie’s recent choreography include: Blue Ribbon 4+1+2 WCS, Misty Island 4+2 Waltz, I Feel Lucky 4 4+2 WCS, Call Me Senorita, 5+0+1 Rumba; Happy As The Sun 4+2+1 STS, Stuck On You 5+0+2 STS, Get It On 5+1+1 WCS, Let Me Go Home 3+2+1 Rumba, I Can’t Wait 4+2+2 Cha, Stuck Like Glue 2+2 Two Step, and I Heard It, 5+2+3 WCS.

Randy cues intermediate rounds for two local Square Dance Clubs and has cued at the Oregon Mid-Winter and Summer Festivals, round and square dance weekends around Oregon and Washington, at National Square Dance Festivals, and at ICBDA conventions. They also teach private lessons. They are members of ORDTA, RAL, and ICBDA. They have served two terms on the ICBDA Board of Directors and seven years as ICBDA editors of the “Dancers Gazette” newsletter. They are currently serving on the RAL phase 4 ROQ committee, RAL West Coast Swing consortium, and RAL Technical Advisory committee (TAC). Debbie is the past Vice President of their local Square Dance Club. They love dancing and teaching Rounds at all levels.

They host and teach two annual weekend events with Randy & Marie Preskitt at the Oregon coast – Fall Fling by the Sea in November and Beach Ball in February.

Randy is retired from owning Paragon Cruise and Tour. Debbie is retired from Beaverton School District where she worked for 20 years as a Principal’s Secretary.

We enjoy sharing our love of dancing with everyone we meet. Our approach to dance is to teach in a fun, positive, supportive environment which fosters the growth of the individual dancer and creates a friendly group of dancers.