63rd WASCA Spring Festival
Around the World in the Roaring 20’s

Directors: Daryl and John Davis

63rd WASCA Spring Festival

It’s hard to believe that the holidays are over and we are only 10 weeks away from the festival!

Our committee is gearing up for the final planning and executing for “Around the world in the Roaring 20’s”. We hope that you are all excited about this year’s festival and will enjoy all of the festivities.

We are in the process of seeing if the Hotel will be able to provide us reasonably priced meals for the festival – stay tuned. We will have the ice cream bar as in past years. We hope to get this nailed down and publish the information in the program book for you.

The committee is meeting in January to bring all the details together and make sure that your festival experience is the best.

Make sure that you have all of your ads in ASAP so we can put them into the program book. I would love to have as many as possible as this does help us to pay for the expenses associated with the festival. A 1/ 8th page “shout out” to friends would be great if many of you did that.

Thank you to all the clubs who have hosted theme dances. We have a lot in January and hope that you can join us at these clubs to celebrate the roaring 20’s! Here is the list:
January 12th Merry Notes
January 20th Panhandlers
January 24thGerrymanders
January 27th Belair Square Cats
January 28th Four County Squares.

We also want to encourage the clubs to submit baskets this year. The funds from the basket raffle really help with the flooring costs. Please contact Bobbi Fuhr by email at bobbifuhr@hotmail.com to let her know if your club can do this.

I want to thank our committee for being so wonderful that they do their part with no interference from us. It’s so wonderful to know that the festival is in such great hands.

Looking forward to seeing you all on the dance floor