From the directors of the 61st WASCA Spring Festival Tracking Back to “Get Your Kicks on Route 66” Bobbi & Jeff Fuhr and Linda & Steve Toth.

We are so excited to see all of our “Cool50’s” friends in March of 2022 at the 61st WASCA Spring Festival. What a couple of years we have all had and not much of it was fun at all. We deserve to have the biggest party ever and we are so looking forward to seeing all of you.  

We have had two more years to plan and think of new ideas and we can’t wait to share them with you.

One that we come up with is that when you party with us at the Sock Hop on Friday night, you will receive a ticket and in our next letter to you we will tell you what Sweet Treat you will get to enjoy on Saturday night.

For March of 2022, your “Get Your Kicks on Route 66–Back on The Road Again” festival preparation is underway. Your 61st committee has so many great plans and are truly excited to invite you to join in with all the activities.  We still plan on having our Friday night show be a “Sock Hop” with a 50’s band. You are invited to come to the show or join in and dance along.  Come dance to Elvis, Ricky Nelson, Roy Orbison, Chuck Berry, BB King, Ray Charles, Sam Cooke, The Beatles. This is is just to name a few of the artists whose music the talented group we’ve line up plays .  The Band’s name is Groove Quest and we hope they can come and if not we will find another band.  One of the members of the band has a famous brother you might know named Kenny Farris.

Our opening ceremony will knock your socks off.  It will start off the weekend and with our staff of Jeremy Butler, Bill Harrison, Eric Henerlau, Tom Miller, Joe Saltel, Mike Seastrom, Mike Sikorsky, Buddy Weaver, Curt & Tammy Worlock, Rey & Sherry Garza, Steve & Irene Bradt, Randy & Marie Preskitt and Doug & Donna Riley – just how can we go wrong.  Many of you will remember that Joe Saltel retired a couple years ago and just for us he is coming out of retirement to join us.

From the surveys we had good responses to the wood flooring in the Magnolia Room which was an addition at our last festival.  We also had good reports on the sound enhancement equipment.  The reports on the elevators were better, but we will continue to press this issue.  There are a couple of issues we will work hard on to improve and that is the check-in process with the hotel and the sound issues in some of the halls.  We really want your input and please feel free to make recommendations and if we can, we will continue to improve this great event.

Those not familiar with past the WASCA Spring Festivals the most recent Program Book is available online at Photos from past festivals can be found at