WASCA Spring Festival History

WASCA has held over 60 spring festivals in the Washington D.C area. This page provides links to moments captured at past events. Old friends who have attended past festivals can use the links to remember the good times. Those new to the WASCA festival are encouraged to use the links to learn more about the festival. It is possible that those investigating the WASCA festival for the first time might see dancers they know from other parts of the country that come to our Spring Festival. Or, you might recognize members of the local WASCA family that travel to other parts the country to enjoy festivals sponsored by other square and round dance organizations.

Spring Festival Photo Albums

Those interested in viewing photos taken at previous festivals can find them at the official WASCA Photo Site. The images are broken out into several groupings to help you locate a person, couple or group that attended a recent festival.

Spring Festival Video Clips

Recently WASCA has started capturing some of the festival fun and other sponsored events in video clips. These clips can be found on the YouTube SquareDancers WASCA subchannel. Take a look. Hopefully the fun and enthusiasm you see will encourage you to attend the next or a future Spring Festival.